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Cindy Tonkin's internal consulting training programs solve the 7 most common challenges that internal consultants deal with 
Any of these sound familiar?


They believe content is enough and communication is a luxury. So they keep you out of the loop (until it's too late) or they embarrass you in meetings.


They speak Data, not English. They prize research and rigour so highly that they can't craft a good call to action, couch an idea in a seductive way, or cut to the chase. 


They present with little confidence. What they do present is shrouded in so much background you don't have time to listen to all of it. 

The team struggles with interactions, with delivering bad news, managing conflict, gaining recognition for what they do, or engaging and motivating people.
Either they don't say no and they burn out, or they say no in a way that alienates their client base.
They are hard to manage.
They don't always manage their own teams as well as they could.
We tend to concentrate on what we are good at (e.g. being brilliant at unravelling the secrets of the Universe), and downplay the importance and utility of things we might not be good at (e.g. engaging in politics, being good at communicating with and influencing people, taking on effective leadership roles). I'm as subject to this as any of my colleagues and so had some reluctance in seeking help in 'unlocking' skills I haven't had to use up until now in my career .
I found working with Cindy to be an engaging and extremely helpful experience, she was able to suggest specific techniques that assisted in building rapport with people, and in enabling me to present in potentially stressful or even hostile environments while maintaining effectiveness
Professor Chris Tinney, Co-Director of the Australian Centre for Astrobiology, University of New South Wales 
The usual weekly customer call lasted 40 minutes rather than the usual 2 hours. I had 110% control, politely told them how things are going to work from now on. They lapped it up and [the customer] is now my best friend! 
AC Entrepreneur with Key Client Customer Service problems
more than 9 months after the course ended, my team members were reaching for the course learnings to help work out how to best handle the situation 

General Manager, Data Analytics, Major Bank
I owned the room, I visualised the moderator and focussed on what people were saying as a way of not thinking about my nervous stomach - and had the least amount of nerves EVER for a public speaking engagement. I changed my posture from relaxed to alertness and this noticeably increased my confidence. I made sure I got all my three points across! Well worth the Bank's money 

Chris, Senior Manager, General Manager, Major Bank.
Some invaluable concepts in leadership. I will remember some of them for the rest of my working career 
G, Executive Manager in a major bank
I found yesterday's session really valuable in terms of insights into [the department] and creating a shared view of some of the challenges ahead 
EC, Change Manager, Major Bank
Patient, entertaining and clearly very knowledgeable 

IT Director, US Multi-national Online Travel Company

the effort which she made to address our agendas as opposed to just running it out of the textbook

Account Manager, Major Travel Multi-national

Being technically competent isn't enough to succeed as a consultant.
Cindy wrote Consulting Mastery (originally published by Allen and Unwin) to flesh out what it takes to really consult well. 
It's as much about the softer skills as it is about the content (data, finance, HR, branding, marketing). ​​​​
The biggest risk is doing nothing.
Do something. 
Cindy has written articles for and been interviewed on radio and in print press.
Cindy's clients are big names with internal consultant forces ranging from 3 people to hundreds
II can’t believe the changes that are coming out of a 90 minute meeting. I think it has had more impact than the sum of all meetings I have had in my professional life.
D, Senior Analyst, Research and Analytics department of a major bank
Plenty of sensible, down to earth food for thought. Thanks for helping put it all into perspective!
Helen, Personnel Consultant
I’ve started putting more structure in my day, I’ve been working to more lists and hitting re-prioritisation head on and am actually feeling a good “high” at the end of the day after seeing how much I have been getting through. 
S, Executive Manager, Major Bank
In 20 minutes during our call, my issue was accurately diagnosed, a simple yet powerful solution proposed, and I left our session with clarity and purpose – I was on a mission! Within minutes of that call, I had put Cindy’s recommendation into action, and received the response I most wanted. It was like magic! Cindy has the most remarkable acuity in reading situations and people with exceptional speed, and cutting through crap to get to the best way forward.
Jill Chivers
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I'm really getting a lot out of these sessions, all the pieces are starting to fall into place. Also good to know that it’s normal to feel a bit lost or overwhelmed when first making the transition to management
Mark, former developer, now Manager of 10 staff in a small international IT firm
I had to do a presentation at the Marketing Strategy meet in front of the GM and his whole team, and I did it! I enjoyed the whole experience, had loads of questions from the audience and felt totally engaged with them. I even got told at the end of the day that I was probably the best presenter!
Sarah, Senior Medical Technologist
I’m looking forward to trying the new methods when performing presales presentations and engagements, I’m pretty confident it will get me follow up meetings.
Associate Technical Architect, Multi-National Software Company
The energy you create in the room and your ability to engage each of the participants and have us all engaging and practicing our skills in such a short time is nothing short of brilliance! 
Sharon Valks, Data Coordinator Information and Support, Cancer Programs Division, Cancer Council NSW
Feeling very confident and looking forward to the meeting rather than cringing at the thought - this empowering and taking control is good stuff
C, Entrepreneur
some very useful techniques and enjoyed the fact that we didn't stick to a theoretical program, and instead the training was specific to our needs and our particular clients
Account Manager, Major Travel Multi-National
I had to do a presentation at the Marketing Strategy meet in front of the GM and his whole team, and I did it! I enjoyed the whole experience, had loads of questions from the audience and felt totally engaged with them. I even got told at the end of the day that I was probably the best presenter!
Senior Facilitator, NSW Public Sector
Content, flow and energy were exceptional. The feedback I got from a lot of people was that she is a good fit for [us] and shares excellent knowledge.
Account Manager, Major Travel Multi-national (in an email to his HR/L&D business partner)
After the presentation, my boss leaned over and said emphatically – "That was fantastic! I have never seen you present so well"
Mary, World-Class Researcher
I have taken beta blockers before presenting major research results for more than 20 years (for the nervousness). Now I don't.
Anne, World-Class Researcher